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Looking for a nice quality, UK made, futon mattress? We've got just the thing. With over 25 years of knowledge, we specialise in futon mattresses. We offer mattresses for everyday use, roll up traditional futons with a choice of fillings and fabrics and replacement futon mattresses for wood or metal framed sofa beds. All our mattresses can be purchased online for delivery throughout London and the UK direct from us here in Devon. If you have any queries please feel free to call us on 01752 662030.


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  • The traditional style futon mattress for everyday sleeping providing a supportive firm feel. Nothing complicated here, just lambswool top and bottom with layers and woolfelt inbetween. ✔ Handmade in Devon✔ Best Quality Fillings✔ UK Wide Delivery

    £ 265.00
  • What can we say about these great bed rolls? Our Monk Futon Bed Roll has been around for decades, often copied but the original and best, it makes a great bed roll for overnight stops or if you are looking for an authentic firm futon feel for every night . Available from stock. Shown here on one of our tatami mats (not included). ✔ Handmade in Devon✔ Best...

    £ 189.00
  • Introducing the Cocoloc, a firm and supportive futon mattress, manufactured with the best quality futon fillings. Read on to learn more: ✔ Handmade in Devon✔ Best Quality Fillings✔ Firm Supportive Feel

    £ 495.00
  • Does your three seat futon sofa bed need a bit of a 'makeover'? We have a choice of bi fold futon mattresses suitable for metal or wood framed three seat futons with a good selections of fillings and fabrics, see information below for full details.

    £ 285.00
  • The Nomad Futon Bed roll provides a firm, authentic floor sleeping mattress, using only the best quality fillings and fully hand made here in Devon, perfect for an everyday bed roll. It is shown in the images being used with our tatami mats which are available separately. Available from stock. ✔ Handmade in Devon✔ Best Quality Fillings✔ UK Wide Delivery

    £ 295.00
  • Looking for a replacement futon mattress for your two seat wood or metal framed futon sofa bed, or just a flexible futon to use as a bed and roll up, the tri-fold futon mattress has a good choice of fillings and fabrics, for full details see below.

    £ 195.00
  • The ever popular Monk Futon Bed Roll is available in a 90 cm / 3ft wide single size. Perfect for those unexpected guests our Monk bed rolls are fully UK hand manufactured down here in Devon, great quality and made for regular use. Available from Stock. Shown here on one of our tatami mats (not included) ✔ Handmade in Devon✔ Best Quality Fillings✔ UK Wide...

    £ 169.00
  • The Pocket FutoFlex Futon Mattress is always a popular choice with customers looking for the support of a futon mattress but with softer, medium feel, comfort. Read on below for full details...

    £ 415.00
  • The funky little Napper Futon Bed Roll is a great addition to your home for those unexpected guests. It's easy to roll and store and is made using the same best quality fabric and fillings as our regular futon mattresses! Available from Stock. Shown here on one of our tatami mats (not included) ✔ Handmade in Devon✔ Best Quality Fillings✔ UK Wide Delivery

    £ 139.00
  • Looking to replace your spare room futon mattress? Our original double makes a great choice for guest use and is available from stock for rapid delivery. 

    £ 195.00
  • The ever popular Monk Bed Roll is now available with a convenient storage bag, making it easy to store and transport. The 'Monk In A Bag' is perfect for camper vans and staycations or just for those unexpected guests.  Available from Stock. Shown here on one of our tatami mats (not included) ✔ Handmade in Devon✔ Best Quality Fillings✔ UK Wide Delivery

    £ 215.00
  • Our original single futon mattress is the perfect solution to update an old futon chair. Great for guest use or small spaces, this compact, comfy mattress is available from stock, in a choice of colours, all with free UK delivery. Please note - this is a mattress ONLY. Frame not included. 

    £ 185.00
  • With many of our customers looking for a healthy sleeping alternative we are now able to offer the natural choice of futon mattresses in the Cottonsafe® Chemical Free range, all manufactured here in Devon. Read below for full details.

    £ 375.00
  • The Cottonsafe® Chemical Free Cocoloc Mattress is the choice if you're looking for a firm sleep with healthy credentials, and, we're proud to say, it's manufactured down here in Devon. For full details read below.

    £ 365.00
  • At last....we are able to offer a bed use Futon Mattress that has NO chemical treatments at an excellent value price whilst maintaining comfort and quality. For full details on the medium / firm traditional futon read on below...

    £ 325.00
  • Sleep soundly on one of our mattress toppers, hand made here in Devon using the Cottonsafe fabric, naturally fire retardant without the need for any chemical treatment, for full details read below.

    £ 185.00
  • If you're looking for a replacement futon mattress and have a two seat style futon sofa bed then the new FlexiPocket Futon Mattress now offers a comfortable and durable alternative to the standard tri-fold type futon mattress. For full details read on below....

    £ 270.00
  • Lovely quality pure cotton mattress protector that can be regularly washed at high temperature, we use them and love them!

    £ 98.00
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