Traditional tatami mats, in a choice of sizes, with UK delivery.


Tatami Mats are traditionally used for flooring and bed mats, manufactured using compressed rice straw and a woven Igusa grass cover. Our range of Tatami mats can be used with selected beds in our range, the Loft Living Tatami Set or simply as flooring or bed mats on their own. We can also offer folding Tatami style floor mats which make great decorative accessories or can be used for exercise and Yoga.


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  • Our lovely traditional Tatami Mats are manufactured using a compressed rice straw filling encased in a woven Igusa grass with fabric edging to keep the authentic look and feel, available in a choice of sizes.

    £ 185.00
  • A softer feel Tatami featuring a coconut hair and cotton based natural filling, perfect as an exercise or Yoga tatami and can also be used as a bed base or floor mat. Available in a 80 x 200 x 3 cm size, price is per tatami mat, for full details read below.  Sorry - not available at present.

    £ 195.00
  • If you need flexible seating and sleeping options then have a read below, our Loft Living tatami set can be arranged in a multitude of ways to suit your needs. 

    £ 855.00
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