Sleep safe on a chemical-free Cottonsafe futon - all with UK wide delivery. 


Is healthy sleeping your priority? Then check out our selection of chemical-free, Cottonsafe® futon bed mattresses. All of these natural futon mattresses are manufactured by hand in Devon, allowing us to tailor your product with your choice of fillings and firmness. We use Cottonsafe fabrics that pass UK fire regulations naturally without the need for chemical fire retardants. 

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Natural Futon Mattress Choice - Chemical Free There are 4 products.

  • Sleep soundly on one of our mattress toppers, hand made here in Devon using the Cottonsafe fabric, naturally fire retardant without the need for any chemical treatment, for full details read below.

    £ 185.00
  • The Cottonsafe® Chemical Free Cocoloc Mattress is the choice if you're looking for a firm sleep with healthy credentials, and, we're proud to say, it's manufactured down here in Devon. 

    £ 495.00
  • With many of our customers looking for a healthy sleeping alternative we are now able to offer the natural choice of futon mattresses in the Cottonsafe® Chemical Free range, all manufactured here in Devon. Read below for full details.

    £ 485.00
  • At last....we are able to offer a bed use Futon Mattress that has NO chemical treatments at an excellent value price whilst maintaining comfort and quality. For full details on the medium / firm traditional futon read on below...

    £ 485.00
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