Introduction to Futon Fillings

Please find described below details of our choice of futon fillings. If you have any questions regarding filling types please call us on 01752 662030. 

Cotton Felt Fillings

Although cotton was used in the traditional futons in the past, it had a tendency to matt down and produce lumps. We now use a pure cotton filling blended with a small amount of polyester fibres. This product has all the advantages of cotton, but the polyester reduces the matting and compression process.

We hope you will be pleased with the end result. We now use cotton-felt layers throughout our futons, giving you all the advantages of cotton whilst minimising the matting down. This product uses mainly pure cotton and is therefore more expensive than the wool-felt mixes commonly used in the bedding industry but offers better comfort and durability, we hope you'll agree its well worth it!.

Pure Lambswool

We use a top and bottom layer of pure lambswool on all our futon mattresses to wrap the main layers. This is used both to conform to UK fire regulations and to provide a smooth and gentle surface for the outer of you futon mattress. The lambswool is a natural and un-treated product and therefore can have a 'woolly' smell to it when new, this tends to dissipate over the first few weeks of use.

FlexiPocket Futon fillings for two seat futon sofas.

A great choice of filling style for two seat futon sofa beds. The FlexiPocket uses a top and bottom layer of pure lambswool and then features a central layer of micro pocket springs encased in four layers of cotton-felt. This futon mattress provides a softer, but supportive, feel with a durable filling designed for regular use. Suitable for two seat futon frames.

Ultimate fillings for three seat futon sofa beds.

If you need a firm and durable futon filling for everyday use then the Ultimate is a great choice. Top and bottom layers of lambswool surround layers of cotton-felt with one central layer of rebound polyester and another of polished thread polyester, helping to keep your futon mattress standing correctly on the frame when in regular use. Suitable for use on three seat style futon sofa bed frames only.

Pocket Sprung fillings for three seat futon sofa beds.

A luxury feel with a softer sit and sleep is provided by the Pocket Sprung futon mattress, perfect for everyday use. The mattress is filled top and bottom with a layer of lambswool, then layers of cotton-felt and finished with a central 4 cm pocket spring cage providing great 'rebound' in the futon for a softer feel. Suitable for use on our three seat futon sofa beds and bed frames.

Futon Mattress Care - important

Your new futon will need some care to keep it comfortable and fresh so please read this information:

  • Compression - all futon mattress fillings compress and firm up over time, when your futon is new it may feel a little softer than anticipated but as the fillings compress with use it will firm up, this is particularly noticeable over the first few weeks of use.
  • Turn and Rotate - each month please ensure you turn and rotate your futon mattress if you are using it each day, this will help to ensure that wear and compression is even.
  • Cleaning - every couple of months vacuum the surfaces of your futon to prevent a build up of dust and debris that can, over time, lead to mould if left uncleaned. Also ensure that the bed / frame slats are kept clean and underneath your bed / futon frame too. Use the soft brush nozzle designed for upholstery use on your cleaner and be especially careful around the buttons / tufts on your futon.
  • Ventilation - your futon likes good ventilation so will work best on a slatted bed or sofa bed base. If you are using your futon directly on the floor or on tatami mats then please ensure you turn and rotate it at least every month to help it get proper ventilation.