Madrid Clic-Clac Lounger Futon

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Contemporary styled metal futon sofa bed with easy action clic-clac operation to convert from sofa to bed and back again from the front.

More details

The Madrid Clic-Clac Futon features a strong steel base finished in a silver grey metallic finish. The base converts from a sofa to a bed, and back again, using a simple, front operated, clic-clac mechanism, as used on our Oslo and Nordic models. The seat and back decks then feature wood laminate 'sprung slats' to provide a comfortable sitting and sleeping platform.

The real bonus of the Madrid is that the base also features an adjustable head-end, when in the bed position, which provides great comfort for watching a film, listening to music or reading.

The Madrid comes complete with a choice of mattresses starting with our own 8-layer Twin-Loft futon mattress, which is designed to provide a durable and supportive futon for regular use, available in a variety of plain cotton drill Fabrics or tactile chenille and faux suede Upgrade Fabrics

This model is available with a choice of Futon Fillings. Please make your choice from the menu above.

Home assembly is required taking around 1 hour for the first timer!

The Madrid is available from stock for quick delivery. PLEASE note: - the Madrid is no longer available with chrome finish feet as per the video / images, all feet and frame parts are a satin Titanium finish.

View the video clip below to see how this type of frame operates

Seat width195cm / 77ins
Seat depth90cm / 35.5ins
Bed width137cm / 54ins
Bed length195cm / 77ins
Futon frame materialsMetal frame with clic clac mechanism, 'sprung' laminate wood slats to seat and back deck.
Futon mattress materialsStandard 8 layer twin loft futon mattress with Lambswool, woolfelt and polyester core, around 15 cm thick, buttoned. Upgrade option for everyday use, see menu above.
Delivered flatpacked?Yes - simple home assembly - allow around 1 hour.
How long for delivery?In stock for rapid delivery, typically 4 to 7 days, we will call you to arrange a suitable delivery day. If your requirement is urgent please call us on 01752 662030.
Recommended UseRegular use for sitting and sleeping, upgrade futon mattress if heavy domestic use.

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