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  • Square shape Goza mat with plain black edging, ideal Yoga Mat.

    £ 25.95
  • Roll up Goza Mat with plain black edging, ideal as bed mat or for Yoga.

    £ 29.95
  • Roll up Goza mat with decorative green edging, ideal for Yoga or as an exercise mat.

    £ 29.95
  • Mattress covers designed to fit your futon that sits in the 'semi S' shape on traditional pine futon 'A' frames and two seat futon sofa beds with wood or metal frames.

    £ 59.00
  • Light weight neat folding tatami mat, four sections fold and pack away into a carry bag for easy of use.

    £ 69.00
  • Mattress covers designed to fit your futon that sits in the 'L' shape on three seater hardwood, metal or pine futon sofa bed bases.

    £ 69.00
  • These traditional Shoji Oriental Screens are beautifully finished four panel screens combining timber frames with paper for an authentic Japanese look.

    £ 139.00
  • What can we say about these great bed rolls? The Monk Futon Bed Roll has been around for decades and makes a great bed roll for overnight stops, unexpected guests and any occasion when an extra sleeping place is needed.

    £ 139.00
  • These contemporary style Fuji Oriental Screens are beautifully finished four panel screens combining timber frames with paper. They have brassed hinges which operate in both directions providing a useful feature.

    £ 139.00
  • The Matsu Oriental Screens are finished in a combination of hardwood frame and flat-slatted bamboo in a choice of co-ordinating colours and have been a popular choice for many years for both home and business use.

    £ 149.00
  • Here's an Oriental Screen with a difference, our Bali Screen is designed with a shortened height and wider panels giving it a sturdy standing position that can be seen over by an average adult.

    £ 149.00
  • The lovely Kobe screen has a dark, rich walnut finish with detail stitch weaving between the bamboo slats. Perfect for sectioning off your room or as a simple room decoration.

    £ 149.00
  • A 'newish' addition to our Oriental Screen range, the Singapore Oriental Screen has a distinctive white 'washed' colonial style making it a lovely addition to light and sunny rooms.

    £ 159.00
  • The contemporary Formosa Oriental Screens combine elegant dark wood finished timbers with co-ordingating flat-slatted bamboo in a beautifully finished four panel screen.

    £ 159.00
  • Contemporary style room divider screen with lovely detailing of round profile slats and weave stitching.

    £ 169.00
  • Looking to replace your spare room futon mattress? Our standard double makes a great choice for guest use and is available from stock for rapid delivery.

    £ 175.00
  • Our first 5 panel screen is a statement piece for your room, finished in bold white to the timber frame and panels with black stain bamboo slat infills.

    £ 195.00
  • Looking for a replacement futon mattress for your two seat wood or metal framed futon sofa bed, or just a flexible futon to use as a bed and roll up, the tri-fold futon mattress has a good choice of fillings and fabrics, for full details see below.

    £ 215.00
  • One of our best selling low level beds. Strong, simple and durable, a classic style futon bed all hand made here in the South West.

    £ 235.00
  • If you're looking for a replacement futon mattress and have a two seat style futon sofa bed then the new FlexiPocket Futon Mattress now offers a comfortable and durable alternative to the standard tri-fold type futon mattress. For full details read on below....

    £ 285.00
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