Tatami Mat - traditional bed and floor mats.

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Our lovely traditional Tatami Mats are manufactured using a compressed rice straw filling encased in a woven Igusa grass with fabric edging to keep the authentic look and feel, available in a choice of sizes.

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Tatami was originally made as a 'roll up' floor mat but has developed over time to become a dual purpose floor and bed mat offering comfort for sitting or sleeping.

Our Tatami Mats are available in three width sizes; 70, 80 or 90 cm wide by 200 cm long and can be used in a variety of ways depending on your requirements. You can purchase them as individual items or as part of one of our Futon Beds or Loft Living Tatami Sets.

If you have any questions on Tatami please feel free to call us on 01752 662030.

Tatami Mat Dimensions. Width 70 cm, 80 cm or 90 cm (choose from menu above) Length 200 cm, thickness (depth) 5 cm.

  • 90 cm tatami - 2 weeks delivery
  • 80 cm tatami - 2 weeks delivery
  • 70 cm tatami - 2 weeks delivery

WidthChoice of widths from menu above, all sizes 200 cm long.
Depth5.5 cm deep
CompositionsCompressed rice straw filling with Igusa Grass (soft rush) covering, edged with black fabric to top and carded protection to bottom.
How long for delivery?All sizes of tatami are presently 2 weeks delivery as we await new stock arriving.
Recommended UseAs a floor mat or as a bed mat in conjunction with a futon mattress. Also popular as yoga or exercise mats.