FlexiPocket Futon Mattress for 2 seat futon sofas

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If you're looking for a replacement futon mattress and have a two seat style futon sofa bed then the new FlexiPocket Futon Mattress now offers a comfortable and durable alternative to the standard tri-fold type futon mattress. For full details read on below....

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It has always been a challenge to produce a comfortable futon mattress for 2 seat bases as the futon mattress needs to fold into a sort of 'S' shape and the thicker the futon the less it wants to fold! However the FlexiPocket uses an inner layer of mini pocket springs to increase comfort and improve durability. This is not at the expense of traditional futon support as the FlexiPocket cases the pocket springs with four layers of woolfelt and two lining layers of pure lambswool ensuring a typical futon look and feel.

The FlexiPocket Futon Mattress is suitable for wood and metal 2 seat styles and also traditional pine futon 'A' frame styles and is recommended for regular / everyday use.

You can make your choice from plain cotton drill Fabrics or tactile weave, chenille or Cottonsafe organic cotton / wool chemical free Upgrade Fabrics.

Note - all our FlexiPocket futon Mattresses are 190cm / 6ft3ins in length except the 150 cm width which is 200 cm long, thickness is around 15cm.

If you have any further questions or require advice please call us on 01752 66 20 30.

Bed widthfrom 76 cm / 2ft6ins to 150 cm / 5ft - see drop down menu above.
Bed lengthall sizes 190 cm long except 150 cm width which is 200 cm long.
DepthAround 15 cm when new which will settle by around 2 cm over the first few months of use.
Futon mattress materialsLambswool top and bottom layer, wool felt inner layers and central core pocket spring cage to maintain regular use comfort and durability. Upholstered in a choice of fabrics and buttoned through.
How long for delivery?In stock for rapid delivery, typically 4 to 7 days, we will call you to arrange a suitable delivery day. If your requirement is urgent please call us on 01752 662030.
Recommended UseAs a regular to everyday futon sofa bed mattress.

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